Sarah Baker  

Le Fan Fan  
8th October to 10th December 2011 (exhibition has been extended)


open Friday to Saturday 12-5 pm  and by 1xbet register appointment

Though despite this complexity all major religions have one thing in common, the notion of 'the saviour' a mythologically enlightened or altruistic individual who acts as example to the masses. This often God-like figure is seen as outside of society or as somehow super-natural thus excusing the masses from the responsibility of truly altruistic activities 1xbet registration. Additionally most major religions often expect or predict that an incarnation of God is due to appear on Earth, to save the human race from imminent catastrophe, until this occurs the threat of Armageddon hangs over all cultures from the Wrath of God to environmental apocalypse, most of the faithful expect to be saved or to save themselves through What is 1xbet communion with their respective God.

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