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LOCUS SOLUS Sarah Baker | October 2011
Thomas Darschan Hilary Jack | TBC 2012
2nd September to 1st October 2011 John Askew | TBC 2012


Martin Cole | Matthew Johnstone | Daif King  
Summer Intern Show. Curated by Che Bloomfield exness as part of her internship  
6th to 27th August 2011  

Memory Flash  
Nathan Barlex | Monica Biagioli | Mike Chavez-Dawson | Hilary Jack  
2nd to 30th July 2011  

Starving the Light of Oxygen  
Brian Reed  
14th May to 18th June 2011  
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In Search for Lake Victoria  
Dallas Seitz   
9th February to 7th May 2011  
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The Trouble with Michelangelo  
Kirsten exness register Glass and Patricia Ellis  

11th February to 26th March 2011


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Paul Brandford | Tobias Collier | Daniel Jackson | Vanessa Mitter | Brian Reed | Dallas Seitz | Gavin Turk


10th December 2010 to 22nd Janurary 2011


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Hermann Nitsch

 Paintings | Photographs | Actions and Relic - 1960 to 2010   
9th October 2010 to 27th November 2010  


Mortars at Dawn


Group Exhibition at Leroy House


Sarah Baker | Isha Bohling | Paul Brandford | Thomas Draschan | Richard Gasper | Jonathan Gent | Daniel Jackson | Hilary Jack | Martelli and Gibson | Maslen and Mehra | Jonathan McLeod | Manfred Peckl | Brian Reed | Galen Riley | Dallas Seitz | Covadonga Valdes

14th May to 06th June 2010  

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Jonathan Gent

Solo exness com exhibition of new paintings  

21st January to 25th February 2010



Hobby Life


Sarah Baker | Galen Riley | Covadonga Valdes


5th December 2009 to 2nd January 2010





Dallas Seitz


10th October to 7th November 2009



Uneasy Persuasion


Sarah Baker | Gordon Cheung | Pure Evil | Kirsten Glass | Daniel Jackson | Brian Reed | Will Tuck


11th September to 17th October 2009



We the People Salute our Glorious Leaders Thus


Paul Brandford


5th September to 4th October 2009



A Shot In The Dark


Gordon Cheung | Thomas Draschan | Pure Evil | Jonathan Gent | Daniel Jackson | Lee Maelzer Maslen and Mehra | Jonathan McLeod | Brian Reed | Will Tuck | Gavin Turk | Freya Wright | Mark Wright


30th May to 29th June 2009



Invisible Stoic


Lee Maelzer


2nd May to 30th May 2009


Vestige Condition  
Brian Reed  
28th March to 19th April 2009  


If I had a Monkey I wouldn’t need a TV


Laura White


28th February to 15th March 2009



Jonathan McLeod


15th November to 18th December 2008



Dystopia For All at The Wharf Road Project


Dallas Seitz | Mark Wright | Will Tuck | Cedric Christie | Gavin Turk | Hannah Wooll | Lee Maelzer | Gordon Cheung | Thomas Draschan | Jonathan Gent | Daniel Jackson | Brian Reed | Jonathan McLeod


4th to 19th October 2008



The Triumph Of Consumption


Cedric Christie


Sept 25th to Oct 25th 2008



A Shot In The Arm


Jonathan Gent | Brian Reed | Hannah Wooll


14th June to 13th July 2008



CARTER presents TEN at The Printspace


Group exhibition of limited edition prints


Gavin Turk | Mark Titchner | Gary Webb | Bob And Roberta Smith | Cedric Christie | Dallas Seitz | Danny Ralph | Lee Maelzer | Thomas Draschan | Daniel Jackson |Jonathan McLeod | Mark Wright | Will Tuck | Claire DeJong | Jamie Robinson | Brian Reed | Jonathan Gent


8th May to 28th May 2008


CARTER presents and Bruuns Bazaar  
Laura Buckley | Alexis Harding  
15th May to 4th June 2008  

Mark Wright  
May 3rd to June 1st 2008  


Georgette Magritte and the Exotic Sea


Dallas Seitz


23rd February to 30th March 2008


Derek Ogboure  
Nov 25th 2007 to Jan 25th 2008  

William Tuck  
October 2007  

Fastest with the Mostest  
Group Exhibition  
May 28th to July 24th 2007  

Resemblances Between the Mental Lives of Savages and Neurotics  
Thomas Draschan  
April 29th to June 24th 2007  


Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned


Bad Beuys Entertainment


Nov 18th to Dec 17th 2006



I did but touch the honey of romance...


Cedric Christie


Oct 7th to Nov 12th 2006



Funiculus Atrocities


Charlotte Shinerock | Alex Radcliffe | Yuri Lee | Richard Gaspar | Thomas Needham


Sep 1st to Sep 24th 2006



David Cunningham


July 2nd to Aug 6th 2006



Colin Smith


May 14th to June 18th 2006



CARTER presents at Apt Draschan


Gerhard Himmer | Ellie Hewitt | Daniel Jackson | Leo Kogan | Gavin Nolan | Dereck Ogbourne Hans Petri | Jamie Robinson | Paul Sakoilsky | Colin Smith | Heather Sparks


April 10th to May 10th 2006



Daniel Jackson


February 25th to March 26th 2006



Lee Maelzer


January 21st to February 19th 2006



Prussian Blue synthetic seduction


Daniel Jackson | Mark Jones | Jamie Robinson | Laura White | Thomas Draschan | Paul Sakoilsky | Colin Smith | Gavin Nolan | Denise Kum | Chris Fitzpatrick | Godfried Donkor


December 10th 2005 to January 15th 2006



Pencil (a drawing show)


Marcus Harvey | Matt Franks | Thomas Draschan | Wayne Winner | Bob and Roberta Smith Dan Coombes | David Rayson | Tamsin Morse | Lee Maelzer John McLeod | Mark Wright  Daniel Jackson | Colin Smith | Heather Sparks | Dag Seeman | Ian Dawson | Kate Waters Richard Clegg | Tina Spear | Ellie Hewitt | Danny Ralph | Mark Jones | Paul Sakoilsky        Peter Jones | Roger Kelly | Jo Mitchell | Milika Muritu | Sophie Newell | Martin Westwood     Jo Robertson | Dereck Harris | Phill Sawdon | Pauline Hall | Claire de Jong | Dallas Seitz   Piers Jamson | Monica Biagioli | Reza Aramesh | David Leapman

October 15th to November 27th 2005